What We Galvanize

Emerald specializes in galvanizing smaller parts, hardware, and fabrications which are usually difficult and often not economical to galvanize in a large kettle. We also galvanize light to medium weight structural members and fabrications.

photo: products that Emerald Galvanizing galvanizesMost small parts (including all small threaded parts) are run in our perforated buckets and then are centrifuged immediately after hot dip galvanizing.  The centrifuge rapidly spins the buckets to remove excess zinc. The centrifuge process keeps sharp edges from forming on fabrications and keeps bolt threads clean.

photo: products that Emerald Galvanizing galvanizesLarger fabrications are usually wired or chained up before lowering them into the kettle for galvanizing. Our overhead cranes slowly lift these fabrications out of the molten zinc at an angle so that excess zinc runs off.

Typical types of products we galvanize include:

Please note that the minimum diameter for galvanizing fasteners is 3/8” and the minimum size for galvanizing wood screws is #18. Bolts and chains up to a Rockwell hardness grade of 40 are usually acceptable to galvanize.

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